Food safety is a top priority and our responsibility

Oxitrate is the most eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection system approved for the industry today. One of the most efficient and cost-saving system on the market. Used for water treatment during production, used for cleaning and disinfection after production.


Wessels; Well boats, stun & bleed boats, factory ships

Easy to implement onboard and supply in water systems.
Biosecurity trough effective disinfection system and purification of water.
Water can be discharged to the ocean with no negative impact for the environment.

Medical and Care Facilities

Go Green with the Oxitrate System

A Better Alternative for your profit and reputation!
The Oxitrate System is a revolutionary technology, and amazingly effective, cleaning and disinfection program for the treatment of facilities and equipment across a diverse range of industries. Proven environmentally friendly and cost effective Oxitrate products are manufactured in an OCDW apparatus through an electrolytic process which separates saline water into a detergent and a disinfectant without the use of chemicals.
The Oxitrate manufacturing apparatus can be installed on-site, in medium to large facilities, providing the customer with sufficient quantities of cleaning and disinfecting agents tailored to their needs through an entirely automated process, electronically monitored 24 hours a day