We are Passionate About Safe Food Production
and a Healthy and Sustainable Environment!

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We provide a proven highly efficient water treatment system for the seafood industry.

Waterborne introduction of pathogens is evidently the main source of the problems we see in the industry today.

Our experience indicates that pathogens introduction throughout the water and product value chain, leads to a buildup of biofilm inside complicated water systems, pipes and interfaces.

The Oxitrate System is a unique, proven highly effective (both as barrier and systemic treatment 24/7), cost-efficient, and 100% environmentally friendly water treatment system.

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Protects against introduction and removes all biofilm in water system. Kills 100% of pathogens of all throughout the production steps.


No harmful chemicals and it's perfectly safe to consume. Removing bacterial contamination from product.


Has no negative impacts on the environment and sustainable solutions. Reducing waste and securing a innovative and green food production.


Compared to alternative methods for food production facilities. Effective water treatment is considerably cheaper, more proactive and environmentally friendly approach.

Our Mission

Develop sustainable solutions with positive contribution for safe food production, increase bio security while reducing waste and cost. Boost efficiency, productivity and earnings with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Four great reasons to work with us

Oxitrate is used 24/7 and protect you also during production time.

The Oxitrate manufacturing apparatus can be installed on-site, in medium to large facilities, providing the customer with sufficient quantities of cleaning and disinfecting agents tailored to their needs through an entirely automated process, electronically monitored 24 hours a day.

The system is scaled for the facility, fully automated, electronically monitored throughout the process and it is possible to measure cause and effect. (more about proven effects).

We really do care about securing our customers values throughout.

Pay back and proactive benefit for investment.

Ensure (customer) performance related to food safety, shelf life, hygienic durability, biosafety/ biosecurity, external environment and economy.

We really do care about sustainability and environmental impact.

Biosecurity, huge impact throughout systematical treatment of water.

Wastewater, improves and give more effective removal of sludge and biofilm in drain and on equipment. This leads to optimal handling of wastewater.

ECO efficiency saves energy throughout improved effect (delta T). Increased productivity due to more stable production and proactive action.

We really do care about PEOPLE and development of new methods for the benefit of all.

Cooperation and Development projects with the industry. Research and development (R&D).

Create trust, trough transparency between stakeholders (consumers, authorities, neighbors etc)

Build networks between professional institutes, education, research to continuously improve.

Suppliers and partners.

Oxitrate is designed to proactive remove the biological problem without harming the nature.

Proactive avoid contamination through effect of charged particles. Improves shelf life of product and secures food safety for customer.

Systematical cleaning throughout pipes, water tanks, drains and wastewater will charge out the potential and lead to no harmful effects on nature.

Target is “Control from fjord to table with no negative effect on nature”.

Keep control at all time, track on your facilities water quality wherever you are...

Control the system with the Oxitrate application:

  • Remote and secure user access
  • Instant alarm system dependent on sensor technology
  • Informative and easy read reports
  • View historical statistics and data
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Oxitrate news

Food safety is a top priority and our responsibility

Oxitrate is the most eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection system approved for the industry today. One of the most efficient and cost-saving system on the market. Used for water treatment during production, used for cleaning and disinfection after production.

Wessels; Well boats, stun & bleed boats, factory ships

Easy to implement onboard and supply in water systems.
Biosecurity trough effective disinfection system and purification of water.
Water can be discharged to the ocean with no negative impact for the environment.

Medical and Care Facilities

The Oxitrate System is an effective control against pathogens in care facilities. Bacteria cannot build up resistance to Oxitrate. Despite this, Oxitrate remains the safest chemical free cleaning and disinfections products on the market and causes no environmental damage.

Drinking Water Treatment

Oxitrate is approved by The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and The Norwegian Food Safety Authority and in the EU Articel 95 as an additive and disinfectant for drinking water. Oxitrate safely and completely purifies drinking water without adding any unpleasant odor or taste, unlike some conventional water treatment methods.