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Oxitrate is a Norwegian-developed purification and disinfection system that effectively kills all unwanted bacteria in process water during production. Oxitrate also disinfects equipment and surfaces - completely without the use of chemicals.

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The system uses electrochemically activated water where the most important active substance is Hypochlorite acid. This removes all known bacteria, including Listeria and E.coli, from all stages of production. This ensures complete bacterial control and cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly food and ice production.

How Oxitrate works

How Oxitrate works

Oxitrate is connected to the factory's main water intake and continuously purifies the production environment from unwanted bacteria.

In this video we briefly summarize how the Oxitrate System works.

Benefits of Oxitrate

Oxitrate is a profitable investment and offers a range of proactive benefits to help your business operate more productively, more cost-effectively – and more environmentally friendly. Oxitrate will help you:

  • Automate bacteria control
  • Improve product quality
  • Eliminate biofilm in piping systems
  • Avoid bacterial growth when transporting ice
  • Extend the shelf life of foods, such as fish
  • Eliminate the use of chemicals (providing major financial, human and environmental benefits)

Oxitrate’s areas of use

Oxitrate can be both dosed into the water circuit and used for surface disinfection. The Oxitrate system can also produce soap on site, which can be used for cleaning surfaces and all types of CIP solutions.

Oxitrate solutions

Oxitrate is automatically dosed into the water stream and can simultaneously be used for surface disinfection.

Oxitrate Insight

Unique insight portal for water quality and reporting in the present

Using smart sensor technology, we are at the forefront of the industry by being able to offer an innovative insight portal that provides a complete overview of your facility’s water quality at all times, with real-time reporting.

Oxitrate Insight monitors all installations and has a warning system that ensures efficient system operation and monitoring. The portal provides real-time insight into water consumption and temperature, pH and redox values, among other features.

You can also generate your own insight reports, and the portal also offers employee training videos.

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