In order to develop innovative solutions, a close collaboration with our customers is something we value highly. Together, we develop solutions for the industry with the environment into account.

See what our customers are saying about Oxitrate:

Cermaq Norway AS

«At Cermaq Norway we have had The Oxitrate System in operation since 2011. First at our former salmon farm in Skutvik, and now at our new factory in Steigen. In the past, we had challenges getting good enough water quality from our supplier. After we set up the facility from Oxitrate, results from both fresh water and ice samples are close to zero in germline. Without Oxitrate, we would not be able to present such good results. I would therefore highly recommend Oxitrate to anyone struggling to document good water and ice quality in their production.»

– Truls Eirik Aasjord, January 2023
Manager, Salmon slaughterhouse, Cermaq Nordland

Bremnes Seashore AS

«We have had The Oxitrate System for many years and achieved good results in the job of safe food production and removal of biofilm in our pipe systems. Another effect is that it gives us security against any unwanted incidents in fresh water supplies from municipal water. If the water contains abnormal values, The Oxitrate System reacts immediately, and this is an important barrier for us.»

– Arvid Husa, January 2023
Head of technical cleaning, Bremnes Seashore

Ellingsen Seafood AS

«Oxitrate has worked miracles in our factory!»

- Johan Knudsen,
Technical Manager, Ellingsen Seafood

Sekkingstad AS

«We installed our Oxitrate system in 2019 and since this time it has performed exceptionally well. We now have complete control of our process water, and we no longer have any issues with bacteria, such as Listeria. Oxitrate has also helped to streamline our washing process. We are constantly working to improve and we are now also expanding the Oxitrate system to be used in our dispensing system in the factory. This will allow us to replace many of the traditional and expensive chemicals we used to use.»

– Per Johnny Bø, September 2022
COO, Sekkingstad

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