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About Us

Since 1974, Medis Pharmaceuticals has been at the forefront of holistic medicine, pioneering the research and development of numerous, popular, natural treatments, and health food products.

In 2009, Medis was acquired by Biovita AS. The health food preparations and natural medicines company, which operates in Scandinavia, would benefit greatly from Medis’ extensive research licenses and patents, and Medis would flourish with financial backing from Biovita. Previously, in 2007, Biovita AS began researching cleaning and disinfection with natural products. For the next two years after the merger, Medis Pharmaceuticals AS would continue this intensive research, testing and ultimately gaining approval for the Oxitrate System. After four years of development, we released the Oxitrate System onto the market, in 2011. The Oxitrate System is a perfect match for anyone looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to washing and disinfection. The Oxitrate System is unique and is the only registered cleaning and disinfection program that is completely harmless to the environment and more effective than chemical products in use today. Please contact us to learn more about how your organization can benefit from making the switch to the Oxitrate System!