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Discharging polluted ballast water containing alien species in ports may be one of the greatest threats to the natural balance of global biodiversity. Unloading polluted ballast water can hurt the natural balance in local marine environments. To stall the issue of invading species, the EPA created regulations on ballast water release applicable to all vessels.

Regulations say ballast water cannot be released or replaced within certain exclusive economic zones. If cleansing must take place, proper techniques must be applied, tests must be performed before discharging, and the ship’s captains must record that everything has been done accordingly.

Oxitrate can be produced onboard while in transit, in an OCDW apparatus, which can then be added directly to the ballast tanks in any port location. Oxitrate kills all living small species and micro-organisms and the purified water can be then be released back into the ocean without doing any damage to natural balance and global biodiversity.

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