Complete microbiological (bacteria and viruses) control,
and no more negative impact on the environment!

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How does oxitrate work?

The system comes in two different set ups, Factory Integrated System (FIS) or Stand-Alone Shipping Container (SSC).

The system is connected to the main water intakes of the factory. The Oxitrate system treats the water as it enters the facility, the water then becomes electrically activated and eliminates all unwanted microbes in contact with Oxitrate treated water throughout the whole production line. The system can be implemented for both fresh and sea water food production facilities. Oxitrate can also be used for aquaculture as well as seafood facilities. Most important, the Oxitrate system treats the water used for production throughout the whole production line, resulting in:

- Increased shelf life for your products
- Actively eliminates unwanted bacterial contaminants starting from production and all the way to end consumer

Oxitrate is electrically activated water that kills all known bacteria including pathogens like listeria monocytogenes and e. coli. The ideal solution for safe & sustainable food production.

Why Oxitrate is the best way to remove bacteria in food facilities?

Oxitrate is approximately 70-80 times more effective than chlorine. Our method is much more effective against biofilm compared to other traditional systems such as UV and ozone. Systematically removing bacteria throughout the factories with no harmful effect for the environment.

Trailed, tested and of course approved by Norwegian food safety authorities.

Approved for drinking water and proven to work as both systematically treatment and barrier in steps of production process. In addition, Oxitrate is registered and approved with Article 95 for all EU and EØS members.

We offer a complete package from consultation, system installation to ongoing maintenance and support.

We offer customized solutions and diagnostics (analysis) prior to project scope.

System installation, support with establishment of procedures, checklists and training plans for staff. Specified and agreed maintenance plan including detailed responsibility arrangement. We can also offer a service and support agreement.

Here is how its done

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System installation and demo

Ongoing maintenance and support

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