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Medical and Care Facilities

Health care montage showing doctors performing surgery, hospital cleaning staff and an ambulance.

Cleanliness in medical facilities is of the highest importance to keep patients safe. Antibacterial resistant pathogens such as MSRA are not easily eliminated from the care environment. Hospital patients, especially those ailing or recovering from surgery, are susceptible to secondary hospital-acquired infections and illnesses.

Intensive cleaning regiments are the norm in the medical industry, but the products that are often used expose staff and patients to harsh chemicals and toxins, while causing damage to the environment.

The Oxitrate System is an effective control against pathogens in care facilities. Bacteria cannot build up resistance to Oxitrate. Despite this, Oxitrate remains the safest chemical free cleaning and disinfections products on the market and causes no environmental damage.

The Oxitrate System is perfectly at home in the medical industry. Contact us today to learn more.