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Hospitality and Cruise Industries

Cruise ship in fjord.

The last thing your guests want is to get sick while on business or vacation. The last thing you want is for your guests to get sick! The damage to your reputation and bottom line could be insurmountable.

Complex potable water, heating and cooling systems in hotels, and closed piping networks on cruise ships, can provide fertile breeding grounds for highly contagious Legionella and Norovirus, amongst other bacteria. Such networks often have biofilm coatings as well as unfavourable temperatures with encourage bacterial growth.

Oxitrate can safely be added to water sources to eliminate bacteria without adding unpleasant taste or odour. Adding Oxitrate to your piping network will eliminate the bacteria and cleanse the pipes of organic coatings. Treated water can be used for drinking and washing by passengers and crew and it will be free from the danger of further infection.

An automated OCDW installation on your premises, or onboard your ship, will be able to produce Oxitrate System detergent and disinfectant on demand for washing and disinfecting in public areas, kitchens, storage rooms, fridges and freezers, guest rooms and bathrooms. Oxitrate Hand Wash can also be deployed in all hand soap dispensers used by guests and staff. The used products are treated as normal wastewater and can be released directly into the municipal sewage system or sea.

The Oxitrate System is an efficient, economical, and 100% environmentally friendly solution for keeping your facilities clean and your guests healthy and happy. Contact us today for more information.