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Go Green with the Oxitrate System – A Better Alternative!

Go green.

The Oxitrate System is a revolutionary new, and amazingly effective, cleaning and disinfection program for the treatment of facilities and equipment across a diverse range of industries. The 100% environmentally friendly and cost effective Oxitrate products are manufactured in an OCDW apparatus through an electrolytic process which separates saline water into a detergent and a disinfectant without the use of chemicals.

The Oxitrate manufacturing apparatus can be installed on-site, in medium to large facilities, providing the customer with sufficient quantities of cleaning and disinfecting agents tailored to their needs through an entirely automated process, electronically monitored 24 hours a day.

The manufactured Oxitrate products can be stored in accompanying lightproof tanks and can be transported through pipes to any location on the premises allowing for a fully automated cleaning system.

Medis Pharmaceuticals delivers this total solution on a rental basis, including service, handling of maintenance and guarantees against outages.

End users with more modest requirements can have the Oxitrate System delivered in containers of varying sizes from Medis Pharmaceuticals’ production facility situated just east of Oslo, in Norway.

The Oxitrate System complies with all current and forthcoming regulations on safeguarding the environment. Employees do not have to wear protective gear when handling and using Oxitrate and there are no harmful emissions from a plant as a result of using the Oxitrate System. The detergent and disinfectant are free of toxins and can, even in concentrated form, be discharged directly into the municipal sewage system or the sea. There are no requirements for spill containment or collection tanks. Additionally, unlike other products on the market, the Oxitrate System does not adversely wear on facilities and machinery, greatly reducing long term maintenance and replacement costs.

There simply isn’t a more effective cleaning and disinfecting combination than the Oxitrate System; safeguarding health, with no danger to the environment!

To learn more about the benefits that the Oxitrate System can offer your business please contact us and one of our team will be happy to arrange a presentation.