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Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing.

Food production facilities must be kept exceptionally clean. Sanitation management in the food production industry involves the prevention of food-borne illnesses and cross contamination. This starts before animals are slaughtered or crops are harvested, and needs to continue all the way through the processes of packaging the food and putting it on the store shelves.

From equipment and facilities to transportation and personnel, the Oxitrate System is the most eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection system that has ever been approved for use in the food manufacturing industry and it is also one of the most efficient and cost-saving systems on the market today.

Studies by The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, The National Institute of Technology and The University of Nordland, have shown that Oxitrate is effective at preventing outbreaks of E. coli, Legionella, Liseria, and Salmonella. Oxitrate meets all current and announced environmental directives and remarkably, unlike other products on the market, Oxitrate does not contain any toxins or harmful ingredients.

Food manufacturers can rest assured that the Oxitrate System provides time and cost saving advantages, as well as absolute safety for employees and the environment. Call us today to learn how Oxitrate can help your business be cleaner and greener for less.