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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment.

1 out of every 6 people in the world lacks safe drinking water and water-related illnesses are the leading cause of human sickness and death. While many of us are protected by government initiatives to provide us with safe and plentiful water, the majority of the world’s population are not so fortunate. Effective and economical means of sanitizing drinking water has never been needed more.

Oxitrate is approved by The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and The Norwegian Food Safety Authority as an additive and disinfectant for drinking water. Oxitrate safely and completely purifies drinking water without adding any unpleasant odor or taste, unlike some conventional water treatment methods.

An OCDW installation at water treatment or pumping facilities, with automated dispensing of Oxitrate disinfectant into the drinking water, can be used to eliminate all microorganisms and is without any health or environmental risks. The addition of Oxitrate to the waterworks also provides continuous protection against biofilm, or organic coatings in pipes, which can provide fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

Additionally, Oxitrate disinfectant can be utilized to reduce bacterial levels in wastewater, further improving the quality of outflow from treatment facilities.

Oxitrate disinfectant represents a new and innovative method for the effective treatment of drinking water that is safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Call us today to learn how Oxitrate can help you or your organization achieve your water treatment goals!