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Agriculture is often a dirty business that involves working with land and livestock in ways that can result in the contamination of food products being produced. As such, there are many regulations in place to ensure consumer safety, to keep people from coming into contact with pathogens and toxins.

The Oxitrate System meets these regulatory demands by providing a unique cleaning and disinfecting solution, to farmers and food processors, that is highly effective, economical, safe and entirely environmentally friendly. Oxitrate can be used in all aspects of agricultural food production to keep equipment and facilities clean and sanitized. Additionally Oxitrate can be used to prewash produce destined for the supermarket, as well as eggs and other foodstuffs keeping them fresher longer, reducing waste, and increasing profits.

Oxitrate is the perfect companion for agriculture based industries. Contact us today to learn how Oxitrate can help your agribusiness with its cleaning and disinfection requirements.